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new-website is a kind of simplified CMS
new-website is a free software available under GNU Affero General Public License 3+
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Articles to know how use and modify new-website.

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Only few prerequisites are needed to use new-website:
- Clone a git repository
- Use a PHP server like Apache
- Write HTML and call PHP functions

Clone git repository of new-website

From the img/16x16/gitorious.png git repository of new-website, you can clone the repository:

git clone https://gitorious.org/new-website/new-website.git
Copy new-website directory into the directory of your HTTP server (/var/www or /var/www/html for Apache2 on GNU/Linux).
Run your browser to see your project:

General architecture of new-website

The user can modify content of data directory. If the modification of files in other directories is needed, you should consider contribute to new-website.

The data_demo directory contains data of new-website. These data are ignored if is not empty data directory.

files and files_demo directories work like data and data_demo directories. To share files, copy them into files/section/article/file.ext or files/section/file.ext and get a link with a PHP function: local_link_file('section', 'article', 'file.ext') or local_link_file('section', 'file.ext').

The img directory contains all icons and logos.

The include directory and index.php contain the struture of the website: header, menu, footer, ...

The lib directory contains useful PHP functions.

img/32x32/newspaper.png Other pages:
img/32x16/man_and_woman.png Utilization (Specification of this website)
img/32x16/newspaper.png Redaction (How write an article)
img/32x16/adjustable_wrench_and_screwdriver.png Modification & Contribution (How modify / contribute to new-website)